A Sorcerer's Guide to Thralls of Albion
Created by Arachnia, spider charmer of Guinevere
Special Trait - Level Range - Creature's Name - Area to Find it - Special Abilities, Notes, and Type
Basic PetBuffsCasts DDHealsProc/InstaStylesDoT/PoisonCC/Stun
Over 50 HumanAnimal InsectMagical Uncharmable

Levels 5-15
DOT 7AdderCHPoison DoT, good pet for the lvl
INSTA DD 7-8Manes DemonCHOk pet, fire dd proc, always available DF entrance
DOT 8Bandit ThaumaturgeCHSelf AF, DoT (sorcerer)
BASIC 8-9Mithra InitiateMithra'sGood all around tanker pet
HEALS 8-9 Devout FilidhSP/BMN-S/CFGood healer pet, AF buff
BUFF 9-10Goblin ShamanBMSAF-15, Str-15, Dex-16 (cleric); uses Str debuff
BASIC 9-11BoulderlingCHTough tank pet
CAST DD 10Sylvan Goblin MagicianCFCasts fire bolts
DOT 11-13Wood Ogre MysticCF/AVDex (16) buff, great dot, low hp, possible AE Mez
BUFF 12Hill Shaman LBShield-(?), Str-(?), Dex-(?), melees
STUNS 12-13Pseudo BasiliskSPTough, procs a stun and disease/poison
CAST DD 13-15Wind MephitSPFlying caster (heat dd), fast/er than sprint
STYLES 13-15Slave MasterSPGood tank; parries, good armor, good damage (separate from Bodyguard? been a while)
STUNS 13-14 Malevolent DiscipleMithrasProcs a stun/mez(?), decent hp

Levels 15-25
STUNS 15-16BasiliskSPGood tank with a stun and poison proc
DOT 15-20Cliff SpiderCOVery good poison proc (20-30), low hps, tiny
BASIC 15-18Grove NymphSPOk melee, small flyer, only heals itself, self AF buff
STYLES 15Slave Master BodyguardSPGreat tank; parries, good armor, good damage
HEALS 18-19DruidSPDD and heals (150ish), AF buff on group (25)
STUNS 19-20Aged BasiliskSPProcs a stun and poison, fast, good hitpoints
DOT 20Keltoi InitiateKeltoiSelf AF, DoT (druid)
STYLES 21-23Keltoi BanisherKeltoiSelf AF & Str buff, self bladeturn, evade and parries
BASIC 20-24Forest GiantFSTough, fast, huge tank pet; probably good to hide in
STYLES 20Renegade GuardLBParry and block often
BASIC 22Muryan TricksterCCasts debuff, self AF shield (plain Muryans instaheal self)
HEALS 22-24Keltoi VisionaryKeltoiWill heal when under 40%, casts DoT(?)
DOT 23Keltoi RitualistKeltoiSelf shield, casts druid dot, parry

Levels 25-30
BASIC 25-29Moor BoogeyCBasic tank
STYLES 26-31Mercenary Tomb RaiderSPGreat tank, high evade/parries, good styles (weapon appropriate, bleed)
BASIC 28Cornwall LeaderCUses a bow
STYLES 29+LegionariusC/CatacombsBlock (if shield), parry, and style, good tanks.
BASIC 29-33Undead MonkLBTough tank pet

Levels 30-35
CAST DD 32MagisterCatacombsCasts DDs, also uses a sword and parries
BASIC 33Master HunterFSUse a bow, seems to be a unique spawn
BASIC 33Goblin MonitorTepok's MineNone
BASIC 34GyrtashSNNearly invisible, horses seem to hit harder
STYLES 34-47Arawnite WarriorsSN/LY Polearm/2-handed, can style, parries; good tank
DOT 34-36Arawnite ShamanessSN/LYGreat DoT; buffs: attack speed, af, str, con
BASIC 34-38Dartmoor PonyDMVery tough, nothing special

Levels 35-40
HEALS 38 Grave Goblin ShamanBarrowsCasts disease, and heals (weak ~150)
INSTA DD 39-40 Hollow Man SN Ranged proc bleed (18 dmg), ok melee

Levels 40-45
STUNS 40-45Cornwall Giant C Proc stun, giant(fast), not good melee
STYLES 41-45Fallen WarriorsBarrows Tough tank pet, various weapons; parry/evade/block
INSTA DD 40-43Soul HarvesterBarrowsFlying, fast moving, tough little demon, 120ish ranged lifetap proc
DOT 40-45Scaled FiendsBarrowsTiny lizard, good tank, good poison proc, can 2x-hit
CAST DD 42Dark Fire BarrowsGood ranged dd, weak melee/hp
BASIC 42-46Echo of Life BarrowsTruly invisible pet (only effect is a heal animation)
CAST DD 42Priestess of PurityBarrows AE Smite, Str/con (57), Dex/Qui (63), AF (55) buffs
BASIC 43-44Deep Goblin Blighter BarrowsProcs a disease, otherwise like deep goblins, good melee
HEALS 44-46Skeletal DruidBarrowsCasts root and a DoT, fairly large heals, self AF and damage add
STYLES 44-48Lesser TelemonLYGiant,Run fast, double hit

Levels 45-50
BASIC 45-48Rockgrinder Excavator DMBasic melee, but ugly!
BASIC 46-47Granite Giant Stonecaller DMSeems to be a caster when not charmed, isn't when charmed
STYLES 46-48 Pikeman LY Very tough good damage, polearms, parry and good styles some with a snare component
CAST DD 47-51Spectral WizardBarrowsVery good bolt, parries and hits hard w/staff
DOT 48+Moorlich LY Casts DoT, hard lifetap, weak melee/hp, fast
STYLES 50+Danaoin Soldier LY Great tank, block/parry(high), very good damage
STYLES 48-50 Knight LY Great tank, sword/shield, parry, style, block, shield slam alot
STYLES 49-53Medial TelemonLY2-hits, parry, good hps, giant/fast speed
INSTA DD xx-xxBean SidhesLYProc a very good dd (fast as Cyraeths)
CAST DD 50Priest of Arawn LY Casts Smite, parries, good melee

Area Abbreviations:
CH- Camelot Hills		AV- Avalon Marsh
BMS- Black Mountains South	BMN- Black Mountains North
LB- Llyn Barfog			SP- Salisbury Plains
CF- Camp. Forest		C- Cornwall
DM- Dartmoor			LY-Lyonesse			
SN- Snowdonia			PM- Pennine Mountains		
HW- Hadrian's Wall		FS- Forest Sauvage