A Sorcerer's Guide to Thralls of Albion's Shrouded Isles
Created by Arachnia, spider charmer of Guinevere
Level Range - Creature's Name - Area to Find it* - Special Abilities, Notes, and Type
* - After name denotes "great", or heavily recommended pets

Levels 5-15
4-8 Lesser Water ElementalIGFlying, hard hitting; when raining it gets tougher
7-11GhostIGIce-like dd, poison proc (stacks w/baseline & spec sorc dot), flies
9-13GrindylowIGHard hitting (rare) dd proc, snare/root proc; scary looking
11-16Sodden WarriorIG2-hander weapons, styles and parries; hits hard
11-13Urchin HooliganIGSmall pet, hits quickly and rather hard
13-16Corpse Light IGProc DD ~ 75, floating light

Levels 15-25
11-15Drakoran NeophyteIG Fire dd, Ice dd, Ice root, self shield, casts till melee
17-20Drakoran Mage* IG Fire dd, Ice dd, Ice root, self shield, casts till melee
21-24Drakoran Leech AI Healer pet (good), casts a Con buff on party
23-27Drakoran Elementalist* AIFire dd, Ice dd, Ice root; randomly, casts until melee
22-25 Grey Ghost AI/IG Has 2 diff dds, flying
15-17 Drakoran Plunderer IG Good drakoran tank

Levels 25-30
27-29Animate Torch DD Good fire proc (w/ message), floating
25-30Choker DD Root proc, invisible if not moving, ok tank
29-34Forest Observer DD Good fire proc, floating
25-26Unwanted Junk DD Plentiful basic tank pet (with amusing name)
28-31Grey GhostAIIce DD, proc
28Buzz (named) AI Procs: Disease, Lifetap, Bleed; self attack speed buff, named apple fly (/loc~ 44k, 55k)
29 Forged Servant DD Basic tank pet
28-29Prios (named)AIUses a dd, a proc (100+ dmg), a stun and a dex/qui debuff

Levels 30-35
30-32 Training Dummy DD Tough tank pet, parries and styles
31 Bilious GooDD Good poison proc, low to the ground (won't obscure view)
31-32 GriffletAL Noisy little tank pet, but cute
31-32 Winged SerpentALFast flyer, lower hp (good for pulling?)
32-34 Contraption DD Plentiful basic tank pet
32-38 Sea Hound AL Fast run, basic tanks (many lvl versions)
32-35Drakoran PatrolAI3 Diff versions: Mage type*, healer type, and plain tank. See notes.
33-35 Drakoran Thaumaturge AI DoT, self damage shield, good at keeping aggro
33-35 Drakoran Sawbone AI Healer pet (~450hp), casts a Con and AF buff on party
33-36 Thrawn Ogre Goon AL Basic tank, huge
33-36 Orc AcolyteAL Self AF & dmg add, casts AE and single target smite (does not heal or buff others)

Levels 35-40
34-41 Avalonian Apparition*DD Fast, proc lifetap + dd, flying, poss. Slash dmg
35-40 Lammia Enchantress* AI/AL Great tank, Attk. Spd. debuff (2 min), self AF shield
36-40 Thrawn Ogre ThrasherAL Good tank, huge, uses whip (might style)
36-39 Fighting Dummy DD Tough tank, uses styles, parries
38-42Crafted KeepersDDTough tank, uses 2-handed weapons
38-42StranglersDDAE snare/root proc, low hp, invisible if not moving
38-42Twisted MetalDDTough tank, fun name ;)

Levels 40-45
40-42 Drakoran Mystic DD Lifedrain DD & Cold DD does around 150-200 dmg; low hp, good caster pet
40-45 Drakoran Medic DD Another Drak healer, AF (yellow), Con (red) buffs, heals well (note: I once got one that did not buff me at all, perhaps a bug, or out of conc from other draks?)
40-46 Blue ElementalALSelf con buff, energy proc
42 Inhasail FlyII**haven't charmed one, just fought them, nothing special so far
42-? Marsh Slime IIBasic slime, uses a poison proc (seems weak)
40-41 Drakoran Condottiere DD Basic tank Drak
42-46 Lammia Seductress* AL Tough tank, good dd, 8 second stun, insta attack speed debuff (lasts 2 min), self AF and damage shield
44-47 TelsarCA Very good tank, good damage
44-48 Scorcher DDOk DD proc, sometimes AE, ok hp, flying
44-? Orc Soothsayer II Caster, low hp, uses a cold-debuffing dd
44-? Congealed Ooze II Basic slime, procs a red-bordered Dex debuff

Levels 45-50
4?-?Buzzing NuisanceIISeem to be just like normal Inhasail Flys, just larger. GREAT AEDoT kite spot at one camp
44+Orc OracleIIGreat Str and AF buff, great dot, and a good root
45-47Molting GriffletALBasic tank, noisy attack
47+Lammia DivinerIISimilar to Seductresses, uses a 9 sec stun, and AE/single target smites
47-49Ecto MinionDDUses a pretty good lifetap proc that might be AE
48-51Drakoran SneakAvalonBasic tank pet, lowest level in Avalon City. Generally spawn 48s only on the right side from entrance
48-50Lammia Swordswoman PG Good basic tank, two-hander or one-handed weapons
49-50Drakoran ArchiatorAvalonHeals and buffs (con/af red base), heals only at 25/30% health, not great healer pet
50Drakoran Califer Avalon Good caster (darkness nuke), good melee
50+ Marooned Viking MaidensALVery tough tank, use spear styles
50+ Mountain YaleIIGood tank, big deer
50wivoron Sidesman Avalon Great tank, block/parry, high defense

Additional Notes:
Drakoran Patrol- some of these have VERY buggy, or rather, 'named' mob type AI. The debuff/dot version uses the AE str/con Mind debuff (Banish Confidence, lvl 33), 
and our baseline DoT (lvl 35).  In the right situations, this one is nice.  For regular use, its behaviour can be dangerous.

Area Abbreviations:  
AL- Aldland			
AI- Avalon Isle
CA- Caldey
DD- Dales of Devwy
IA- Isle of Glass
PG- Plains of Gwyddneau
II- Inhisail Island
Krondor - Krondor
Avalon- Avalon City
Sidi- Caer Sidi