A Guide to Thralls of the Frontiers (40+)
Created by Arachnia, spider charmer of Guinevere
Special Trait - Level Range - Creature's Name - Area to Find it - Special Abilities, Notes, and Type
Basic PetBuffsCasts DDHealsProc/InstaStylesDoT/PoisonCC/Stun

STUNS XXPet (info)

STUNS 23Druid SeerHumanHeals group, some buffs (base)

STUNS XXPet (info)

STUNS XXPet (info)

Levels: Under 40
CAST DD 32-33Snowshoe Bandit Mage OG/JMFire bolt (and I think ice dd)
STUNS 38StormkarlJMProcs ranged mez/stun
INSTA DD 39-40Hollow ManSNRanged proc bleed (18 dmg), ok melee
BASIC 37-39Empyrean OverseerMC(need info)
STUNS 38 Stormkarl JMProcs ranged mez/stun
DOT 38-40GrovewoodMCSelf damage shield, dot
BASIC 39-42MegafelidMC, CG, BFBasic tank pet, HUGE cute kitty
BUFF 39-45PriestessHWAE Smite, buffs yellow spec (str/con, dex/qui, af), moves slow w/o speed

Level 40-45
DOT 40-42Pictish Druid HWRoot, DoT, self buff: damage add, str (get #s)
INSTA DD 40-45BannachEMInsta lifetap proc, magical creature
STUNS 40-45Wintery DirgeOG/YGHard fast proc, casts mez, invisible
STUNS 44-45Fenrir ProphetJM/UPCasts stun and a bolt, weak AF buff
BASIC 44-47Daughter of MedbCG/BFVery good tank pet, good defense
HEALS 40-48Empyrean ElderMCStr/Con, Dex/Qui, and spec AF (yellow) buffs, heals for ~600 at 1/3 health

Level 45-50
CAST DD 45Icestrider FrostweaverOP/UG/YGCast a dd and an insta-root
STYLES 45-50Isolationist MercenaryPMBasic tank, double hits
BASIC 45-46Large Rock BounderPM/SNRun fast (can't get away)
BUFF 46-50Isolationist ClericPMSmite and spec cleric buffs (af, dex/qui, str/con)
DOT 46-49Isolationist SorcererPMRoots, baseline Matter DoT, lifetap, confuses; can tank, and parries
BASIC 46-48Raven Clan GiantsPM/LYHuge!, also double-hit
INSTA DD 47-55Cait SidheHWGood hp, weak melee, but proc a hard hitting dd often
STYLES 47-52Isolationist ArmsmanPMPolearm/2-handed, good tank pet
CAST DD 47-50Ellyll WindchaserPM/SNAE Nuke, heals sometimes
CAST DD 47-xxIsolationist WizardessPMIce snare/dd and a fire bolt
INSTA DD 47-52Young Brown DrakePM*Very fast*, ae dd proc, low hp, huge
BASIC 48-51LeprechaunBFBasic tank
CAST DD 48-54Icestrider InterceptorUPRoot, DDs, fairly good hp, ok tank
STYLES 48-52Isolationist PaladinPM2-handed slash/crush, good tank
BASIC 48-51EnhorningJM None (cute unicorn)
BASIC 49-50Fenrir PrimeYF(info needed)
HEALS 49-50+Templar PriestessHWCasts AE smite, spec Cleric buffs, heals
INSTA DD 49-50BloodletterMCDoT, fast pet
INSTA DD 50-57Frost StallionOGInsta AE DDs (ice) that it uses often, good hp, great w/buffs
INSTA DD 50-52CyhreathPM/SNProc DD (~150-300 depending on target), invisible
CAST DD 50-61Ellyll SagePM/SNHard/fast hitting nukes and bolts, 50s are rare
STYLES 50-61TemplarHW2-Handed melee Paladin-type, hits hard

Levels 50+ Minstrels/Mentalists
CAST DD 51-54Ellyll FroglordSNFire bolt, and more
STYLES 53-63Far DorochaMCGreat tank, dual-wielding, high hp, insta single-target mez (45 sec) and dex debuff
STYLES 53-57Ellyllon ChampionPMGreat tank
BASIC 54Gan CeanachEMHits hard and fast, double hits occaisonally
INSTA DD 55-63Great Brown DrakePMSpams AE dd, hits very hard
BASIC 57-64Grand PookhaBFGood tank
Forest Sauvage - FS
Pennine Mountains- PM
Snowdonia - SN
Hadrian's Wall - HW
Cruachan Gorge - CG
Breifine - BF
Mount Collory - MC
Emain Macha - EM
Yggdra Forest - YF
Uppland - UP
Jamtland Mountains - JM
Odin's Gate - OG