A Sorcerer's Guide to Thralls of Hibernia
Created by Arachnia, spider charmer of Guinevere
Level Range - Creature's Name - Area to Find it* - Special Abilities, Notes, and Type

Levels 5-15
10-13 Dergan EnchanterLD Good heat dd & stun, self AF buff, uses weapon
10-12 Moss Sheerie LD/SE Cast a root, good tank pet
13-15Whistler (named)LDCasts both a cold and light dd, horse, good tank

Levels 15-25
15-16Grass SheerieCMRoot proc, good hps/tough, fast moving
16-18ParthenanLDDisease proc, mostly invisible, good hps, good speed
18-19Koalinth SentinelCMGood tank (hits often/well), uses spears
18-20Root WormSpraggonBasic melee
21+Rock SpriteSpraggonVery good tank pet
18-20Rock SheerieLDFast, small, and procs a dd (heat?)
18-20Dew SheerieLDSnare/dd, fast moving, nearly invisible, and small
17-21 Moheran Distorter CM 5 sec. Stun, Good nukes (lvl 17ish), melees ok
20-22Fairy DrakesLDInsta-mez/stun (not sure), fast moving, low hps/defense
22-23CluricaunCOInsta dex debuff, ok tank; won't dance under charm
19-23Rock & Stone SheeriesLD/CMGreat heat DD proc, procs often, faster than sprint, good hp
22+Spraggon RunnerSpraggonGood tank pet
22+Pit SpraggonSpraggonBasic tank

Levels 25-30
24-26 Azure Idolater CO Self AF buff, parry, decent tank, 2-hand swords, large

Levels 30-35
34-38Daemhan AeirsSMIce dd, fast moving, invisible flyer (and scary looking)

Levels 35-40
35-39 Tidal SheerieCM Good ice dd (uses often), invisible, low hp
38-42 Grovewood CM Self dmg shield, roots, DoTs, instaheals self, huge
40-41 Vehement Guardian CM Fast attack/run

Levels 40-45
40-45Empyrian ElderMC, CFHeals (500ish), buffs (af, str/con?), insta dd, good support pet
44-47Daughter of MedbBF, CGBasic tank, tough

Levels 45-50
48-52Siabra WaterwalkerBCCold DDs and root
48-52GrannyEMFast, small, quick attack, undead

Area Abbreviations:  
CO- Connacht				LD- Lough Derg
SM- Silvermine Mtns.			LG- Lough Gur
BC- Bog of Cullen			CM- Cliffs of Moher
SE- Shannon Estuary			SH- Sheeroe Hills
CF- Cursed Forest			VB- Valley of Bri Leith
BF- Breifine				CG- Crauchon Gorge			
MC- Mt. Collory				EM- Emain Macha			
Muire- Muire Tomb			Koal- Koalinth Caverns		
Spraggon- Spraggon Den			Caillte- Treibh Caillte			
Mines- Coruscating Mines