A Sorcerer's Guide to Thralls of Hibernia's Shrouded Isles
Created by Arachnia, spider charmer of Guinevere
Level Range - Creature's Name - Area to Find it* - Special Abilities, Notes, and Type

Levels 5-15
9-14Sproite DO Tiny flyer, ok tank
11-12 Hungry Shriller DO Sometimes procs a (heat) dd, good tank pet

Levels 15-25
19-21ShaderDOPretty good melee, odd targetting, body resistant (~10%), NW of Bann Didien
20Green StranglerCGVery slow moving, ok melee, body resistant
20Voracious ShrillerCGGood melee pet, procs a dd (unknown type yet), somewhat low HP
20-22Cniogcrag BlighterDOPretty good melee
18-20Cniogcrag HerderDOBasic tank, but surrounded by about 8 Cniogcrag swarmers who will aggro
21Lesser AnglatorDOThis sets 'traps', and springs up out of the ground, didn't get to charm it

Levels 25-30

Levels 30-35
31-35Bugbear GnatVBOk tank pet

Levels 35-40

Levels 40-45
42-48Dusky SylvanshadeCOBasic tank
45Ixthiar CreeperVBPossible self heals (lost other info)

Levels 45-50
45-50MirageCOHeat DD, 9 sec Stun, AE attack speed debuff, self AF and damage shield, good AI
48-50Krrzck WarlockWEGood pull pet: (cold) dd, self dmg shield, reverse-proc nuke
50-52Krrzck MaorWEArcher, parry/block, styles (one bleed), tough pet

Area Abbreviations:  
DO- Domnann		
VB- Vale of Balor
CG- Caillte Garran
CO- Cothrom Gorge
VR- Vigilant Rock
WE- World's End
AF- Allta Fearann
Fomor- Fomor
Galla- Galladoria
Tur- Tur Suil