A Sorcerer's Guide to Thralls of Midgard
Created by Arachnia, spider charmer of Guinevere
Level Range - Creature's Name - Area to Find it* - Special Abilities, Notes, and Type

Levels 5-15
6-7Host of the EarthGOHeat-based proc, tank
6-7Nordic DirgeESCasts mez, invisible
7-8Rock CrabESHard hitting (also 2x hit) tank
8-9Roaming DirgeESCasts mez, invisible
8-9Wolf SpiderlingVM Poison proc
9-10GotawitchGOSelf AF buff, casts 2 DoTs, dex debuff, ok melee
10Silvercale DrakelingWSHas a cold dd proc
11ShadowWSTough tank, invisible
10-12Tomte Shaman Nisse AF and Haste buff, heals, DoTs
13-14Water Sprite WS Tiny caster, I think it also procs?
13-14Svartalf WatcherMKArcher, good AI, slash weapons, good in melee
13-17Svartalf Chanter WS Casts good DD till into melee, good AI, self AF shield
14-15Wind Spirte WS Tiny flying caster, good dd
14-15Svartalf HunterWSArcher, slash weapon, parries, ok melee
14SkogsfruWSCasts root, then melee
15Svartalf SorcererMKGood stacking DoTs (1 sorc spec), root, self AF, good AI, good melee
15-17Blodfelag DrengWSBasic Tank
15-19Blodfelag SvardWSBasic Tank
14-16Blodfelag PartisanWSBasic Tank

Levels 15-25
15-18Minor FidealWSTiny little dd caster
15-17Arachite PriestMKAF buff(20), heals(small), cast and proc poison, proc root
15-16Tomte Witch DoctorNisseSelf Str/Con, Attk spd debuff, good melee
17-18SvartskogsfurMKHas an Insta-mez (seems to be on a 5 min timer), then goes to melee
16-19WerewolfMKGood tanks for the level
18-20Tomb SentryTombGood melee for the area
19Trapped ThrallTombBasic tank, pretty good melee
18Blodfelag WindcallerWSCasts (Wizard) Ice DD till in melee range, good AI
19-22Blodfelag HaxaWSCasts spec Sorc DoT, Str debuff, self AF shield, good AI, weak melee
18-22Blodfelag WolfwarriorWSGood melee, tank
19-21Frosty ColtYGCute little white horse :) Basic tank, fast
19-21Cave CrabTombbasic tanks, can double-hit
19-22Minor Werewolf NobleMKVery good tanks, do good damage
20-25Cold LightYG/UP/WSSmall, procs good *area* DD, invisible
20Cursed SpiritTombBasic melee, resistant to Body (20%) and Crush
20Roaming CorpseTombBasic melee- on death (if not charmed) spawns 2 23+ corpse crawlers
21-23Entrancing DirgeMKCasts mez, very good heat proc (sometimes from range), somewhat resistant to mez
21Dreadkane DwarfeaterMK(Named) Frequent root proc, basic tank
20-22Soot HarvestersMSbasic tanks
20-24Fire FlowersMSFire proc (rare), basic tank
21Burnt Skeletal SentryMSbasic tanks
21-24Flame ThrowersMSGood fire proc, ranged; ok tanks
20-22Fire Ant GathererMSGood tanks, good Fire proc
22-24Tomb PrincessTombBuffs base Str and Dex, charmable on EU/patch 1.62
23+Poisonous Cave SpiderTombUnknown yet
23+Corpse CrawlerTombUnknown yet
23+Mad RatTombunknown yet
23+Druergar WarriorTombmelee, unknown

Levels 25-30
26-28Young Fire Wyrm MS Casts AE dd (~100), Str and AF buff, low HP

Levels 30-35

Levels 35-40

Levels 40-45
40-44Forest ViperRADouble-hits, very hard to see, fast attack speed (reptile)
40-45Wintery Dirge OG/YG Hard fast proc, casts mez, invisible
44-45Fenrir ProphetJM/UP Casts stun and a bolt/dot(?), weak AF and Con buff

Levels 45-50
50 Fenrir Shredder JM Very tough tank, hits well. Hard to charm, proc?

Area Abbreviations:  
ES- East Svealand			GO- Gotar
WS- West Svealand			MK- Myrkwood Forest
VM- Vale of Mularn			MS- Muspelheim
SK- Skona Ravine			RA- Raumarik
VS- Vanern Swamp			MH- Malmohus
OG- Odin's Gate				JM- Jamtland Mtns			
UP- Uppland					YG- Yggdra Forest			
Nisse- Nisse's Lair			Tomb- The Cursed Tomb		
Vendo- Vendo Caverns		Varul- Varulvhamn			
Spind- Spindelhalla