A Sorcerer's Guide to Thralls of Midgard's Shrouded Isles
Created by Arachnia, spider charmer of Guinevere
Level Range - Creature's Name - Area to Find it* - Special Abilities, Notes, and Type

Levels 5-15
7-11 Morvalt Ungdom AL Basic tank Morvalt
9-11Mammoth CalfALVery tough tank, good hp
15-17Musslaklan Jakthast AL Archer, uses Spear styles, parries, good tank
15Musslaklan Trader AL 'Throws' arrows with bow, melee with club, ok tank (named mob)

Levels 15-25
15-17Musslaklan Hunter AL 'Throws' arrows with bow, good AI, good tank
18-21Morvalt Krigsman AL Tough tank, styles, various weapons, parry
21-24Skalklan Shellcrafter MS Self Str/con, shaman DoT, good stun
22-26 Shale Golem MS Has a very hard hitting proc, and shrinks based on its' health

Levels 25-30

Levels 30-35

Levels 35-40

Levels 40-45

Levels 45-50

Area Abbreviations:  
AL- Aegir's Landing
MS- Munin Sound
GK- Gripklosa Mtns.	
FA- Faraheim
IA- Iarnwood
DC- Delling Crater
Iarn- Iarnvidur
Troll- Trollheim Lair
Glacier- Tuscaren Glacier